BRAGI: A Protein Visualization and Modeling Program

  • first version of BRAGI was published 1988.
  • well-established package for viewing and modeling of proteins running on SGI IRIX
  • BRAGI is free
  • it operates hardware accelerated with OpenGL on ordinary Windows, Linux (32bit and Itanium) and SGI computers.
  • It seems to run an Windows 7, even in 64 bit mode.
  • First tests on Snowleopard were successfull.
  • The user interface is completely rewritten to give the usual "look and feel" and a more intuitive, easier usage.
  • Now we integrate information from public databases like Swiss-Prot or InterPro to PDB entries, display features from these in the 3D view and link data via standard browser.
  • Almost unlimited numbers of molecules can be displayed in the program.
  • BRAGI is a joint effort of
    • Department of Structural Biology at the HZI
    • Institute for Biochemistry, University of Köln